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Our customers can opt-in for an attractive world-class and cloud-focused cybersecurity based in KSA, that equip you to proactively manage cyber risks while innovating on the cloud

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Data Protection

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Security, Privacy, and Compliance - in one cloud!

Google Cloud builds its infrastructure through a progressive 6-layers security model that provides a true implementation of defense-in-depth, zero-trust and a unique resilience capability.

World Class Data Center

Google cloud maintains a rigorous independent third party certification process for its core platform services against various global cybersecurity and privacy certifications and best-practice standards. Visit the Compliance Resources Center for more information.

Compliance Resources Center

Data is always encrypted

Google Cloud employs various controls to ensure authenticity, integrity, and privacy of data, at rest and in-transit.

Data stored on Google Cloud is automatically encrypted at rest, without any overhead by the customer to safeguard your valuable assets. Encryption is also used while data is in-transit over the internet, and internally while moving across and within our infrastructure.

24/ 7/ 356 Best-in-class Monitoring

Google Cloud’s security operations teams operate 24/7/356 to maintain a safe and secure environment for customers’ data. Google Cloud runs a world-class team and a security operations practice to proactively protect, detect, and respond to cyber threats and potential attacks.

Built-in protection

Google Cloud infrastructure is designed to provide security through the entire information processing lifecycle, including secure deployment of services, secure storage of data, secure communications between services, and secure communication with customers over the internet. Not only that, security protections also extend to the physical data center premises, servers, networking equipment, and security chips.

We offer a leading industrial data platform, Cognite Data Fusion®, which is built from ground-up with cybersecurity in mind.

Cognite Data Fusion® product features and supporting organizational controls are designed to comply with technical standards and align with our customers’ regulations and standards.

Compliant to: ISO 27001, ISO 9001, SOC 2® Type 2.

Aligned to: NIST CSF, IEC 62443.2-4, IEC 62443.3-3 , IEC 62443.3-3, IEC 62443.4-1, CMMC, FedRamp NERC CIP v.5, GxP

Our talented engineers can work hand in hand with you to address your organizations’ particular cybersecurity requirements.

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Shared Cybersecurity Responsibility Model

We will always work with you in providing the platform’s support, vulnerability management, continuous improvements as part of DevSecOps, and ensuring that your critical data are always encrypted, at-rest and in-transit.