From digital transformation to digital execution

CNTXT collaboratively creates and drives digital programs that deliver return on investment. We will accelerate your digital journey with our holistic approach to digital transformation, setting up your organization for future success with digital execution.

By embarking on cloud focused digital transformation journey with CNTXT you will be able to:

Gain ability to innovate faster at scale

Increase your agility and flexibility

Reduce cost and ease increasing resource demands

Unlock never seen innovation in your organization

Transform your future through digital transformation

Find out how we can help you to build a limitless capacity for growth through digital transformation.

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Global executives responding to the survey are nearly unanimous (95%) in their view that digital transformation has grown in importance in their industry over the past 12 months

Accelerating Transformation for a Post-Covid-19 World, Harvard Business Review Analytic Services (2021)

Industry solutions and applications

Cognite Data Fusion® is the leading open Industrial Data Operations platform enabling

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A proven digital transformation track record

Digital transformation requires change in three dimensions: process, technology and people. Our proven track record on delivering valuable, operationalized, digital solutions at scale for the world's largest customers proves that we know how. CNTXT’s digital transformation services include:

Digital Strategy

CNTXT will collaborate with you to create an execution-focused digital transformation strategy that will set you apart from your peers. Your foundation for an accelerated and agile approach to digital execution will be forged by the unique blend of people at CNTXT who combine:

  • deep industry knowledge
  • design thinking
  • leading-edge technologists

Program Management

CNTXT will help you realize value of solution implementation by orchestrating the execution of digital programs through:

  • solution development
  • knowledge transfer
  • technology implementation
  • governance

Solution Development

CNTXT delivers high value solutions for business driven use-cases using;

  • cutting edge technology
  • deep industrial knowledge

Evaluate your organization’s readiness for digital transformation

Cognite has released the industry’s first Definitive Guide to Industrial DataOps. Alongside actionable insights and practical advice on successful adoption and scaling, it incorporates a tool for evaluating your organizational readiness for digital transformation. Available for download free of charge.


Accelerating digital transformation for all

At CNTXT, our broad experience and wide range of tools are industry agnostic. We offer cloud-driven digital transformation solutions for Public and Private Sectors and industrial digital transformation solutions for asset-heavy industries including: Oil And Gas, Power & Utilities and Manufacturing.

Why choose CNTXT?

CNTXT’s cloud and digital experts are here to enable you to lead your digital transformation journey in the areas of:

  • cloud migration
  • industrial digital transformation
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CNTXT: digital force multiplier to help you accelerate your business

Partner with CNTXT and gain exclusive in-Kingdom access to Google Cloud’s hyperscale cloud platform, Cognite’s world-leading DataOps, and a team of some of the best cloud engineers, industrial digital transformation experts and software developers. Learn more.

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