Turn industrial data into business value

Innovate faster, make smarter decisions, and scale successes with Cognite Data Fusion®.

Cognite Data Fusion® is the leading open Industrial Data Operations platform enabling:

Digital twins: One platform to manage source and domain-specific data, and information models providing read and write services to applications over open APIs.

AI-powered data contextualisation: Making data self-explanatory to data consumers without needing subject matter expert support.

Industrial knowledge graphs: Trustworthy, reliable, and actionable insights helps teams collaborate better, scald more broadly, and innovate faster.

Context-intelligent industrial robots: Deploy a foundational tool to enable large-scale use of ground-based robots for autonomous tasks.

The future belongs to the companies that are data driven

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Cognite Data Fusion enables industrial data and domain users to collaborate quickly and safely to develop, operationalize, and scale industrial AI solutions and applications to deliver both profitability and sustainability.

Unleash the full potential of IT, OT, ET, and visual data

Cognite Data Fusion™ contextualizes operational asset data at scale in real-time, enabling companies to make better decisions about maintenance, production, and safety. Break down silos and optimize the broad availability and usability of industrial data for value optimization at scale:

Collect, integrate, and access

Collect IT, OT, and ET data from different sources and make raw data accessible for analytics.

Develop and deploy

Transform raw data to a data set to be deployed for a use case. Using built-in functions, established methods, and easy data fetching in Cognite Data Fusion™, this process becomes much faster.

Contextualize and understand

Confirm the data availability and quality by building expert visualizations for real-time diagnostics. Provide a digital representation of industrial reality and make it accessible.


Move from one to many assets. Deploy different solutions fast and at scale. Invite more users from the organization.

Cognite Data Fusion enables full scale digital transformation for all industries

Cognite Data Fusion™ contextualizes operational asset data at scale in real-time, enabling all industrial companies to make better decisions about maintenance, production, and safety.

Oil and Gas

Enable better decision-making and automate workflows to improve asset performance, integrity, and maintenance.

  • Sustainable operations
  • Remote asset management
  • Robotics for increased safety
  • Scaled digital operations

Power and Utilities

Drive sustainable digital impact with data operations and AI built for power generation and grid management.

  • Power system analysis
  • Grid optimization
  • Autonomous inspection
  • Power trading


Build your smart factory at speed and empower your experts with the data they need.

  • Smart factory
  • Process management
  • Smart maintenance
  • Digital worker

Everything about Cognite Data Fusion on one page

Heavy-asset industries need to optimize production, improve product quality, and reduce unplanned downtime by generating more value from their data. Cognite Data Fusion is addressing the most difficult industrial data challenges to provide open, contextualized data for organizations. Download the Cognite Data Fusion fact sheet here.


Accelerate development time with a robust data model

With Industrial DataOps, organizations can achieve record time to value.

  • 90% less time spent finding data
  • 50% less time spent making sense of data
  • 10-25% faster solution deployment

Why choose CNTXT?

CNTXT offers enterprises in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia exclusive access to world-leading DataOps, a global top-three hyperscale cloud platform provider, and some of the best developers, data experts, and digital-transformation solutions.

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