Managed Cloud Infrastructure

Free up resources to focus on what matters to your business. Managing your own cloud infrastructure requires numerous man-hours and resources. At CNTXT our professional cloud engineers give you peace of mind by managing your critical cloud workload, maintaining contractual SLAs, and ensuring work quality. We can help you with:

Infrastructure Management

Our extensive range of reliability services ensures that your infrastructure is maintained to be highly secure, available and accessible. In addition, we provide cost optimization and continuous improvement services.

Service Management

Continuous monitoring and incident management support for unexpected issues will ensure high availability and performance of your critical cloud infrastructure. In addition to an account review focusing on incidents including planning and evaluating current and future service delivery.

Automation and DevOps

Get agile automation and deploy updates that respond to the needs and development of your business. With continuous integration and delivery, we help ensure your business can effectively manage development, testing, and deployment as one seamless process, without any unnecessary loss of time.


Enable you to deploy your workloads and manage your cloud resources securely. We will accelerate your journey to the cloud by helping you in configuring and managing Google Cloud’s built-in cybersecurity features such as identity and access management and identity-aware proxy, to guard access to your resources, in alignment to your organization’s policies and requirements.