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Robots can increase productivity and safety as well as remove the repetitiveness and tediousness of many of the tasks workers do every day in the industry.

Robots are capable and secure enough to work in industrial settings and affordable to the point where the economics of automating certain workflows make sense.

Hardware alone isn’t enough. Without the right industrial software, a robot is just another siloed system.

Boston Dynamics x CNTXT

Together with Boston Dynamics, CNTXT aims to make operations more efficient, safe, and sustainable with robots for autonomous inspection and AI-based data processing at industrial sites in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Getting started

Test and verify applicability for the use of robotics at your industrial site.

Initial deployment

The first deployment of a robot performing autonomous missions at your industrial site.

Robot data management

Automatically upload robotics data to Google Cloud or Cognite Data Fusion - making data available and accessible for the data consumers.

Insights & analysis

Use AI and machine learning to make deeper insights and analyses of the robotic data collected.

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Data ingestion & contexualization

Data discovery & exploration

Charting, visualization, and analytics

With access to sensor data, asset hierarchies, and spatial information in one place, robotics systems can automatically keep collecting data and maintaining the digital representation of the area it operates.

Autonomous inspection

No more night shifts. Let robots handle inspection rounds and other repetitive tasks, and free up time for activities that generate value. Robots can also make daily scans of your assets and installations, updating 360-degree images and keeping 3D models up to date and trustworthy for remote operations.


Keep your experts out of harm’s way. For remote, high-risk, or restricted sites, robots can be the eyes and ears for human operators, transmitting high-quality video with millisecond latency.

Robot data management

All your data in one place. With Cognite Data Fusion™, robots can access sensor data, 3D model information, documents and asset hierarchies in one interface, and allocate inspection data directly to the relevant asset—either by reading a tag or by using computer vision and spatial information, and comparing it with the asset’s 3D assembly.

Computer vision

While imagery data is increasingly becoming an important source of information in industry, utilizing this data fully remains a challenge due to lack of a good solution for organizing, contextualizing and analyzing the massive amounts of data. An essential ingredient to realize this potential is to liberate and contextualize visual data at scale.

Create, manage, and deploy machine learning models for more detailed insights and utilize pre-trained AI models from Cognite Data Fusion and Google Cloud.

Gauge reading

Robots are ideal for larger areas where gauges are scattered across and placed in various positions. Using resident robots with docking stations and pre-programmed missions, images can be collected on a regular basis and contextualized in the cloud.

Gas detection

In many facilities, it is essential to monitor the concentration of poisonous gases in the air to ensure a safe work environment for human field workers. The current way to measure gas in the area is by equipping the field workers with gas detectors or placing stationary sensors. With Boston Dynamics Spot powered by Cognite Data Fusion, recorded gas measurements and trends are readily available to stakeholders. Alarms are raised to the end users as abnormalities are detected, effectively ensuring a safe environment for field workers without human intervention.

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