The speed, scale and evolution of digital technology has disrupted every industry on earth. It has also provided enterprises with an unlimited source of data. But data is only valuable when it’s used. CNTXT’s cloud solutions help you uncover the insights hidden in your data, and harness its value.

A visionary partnership supercharging digital transformation

CNTXT brings together world-leading cloud and industrial software, some of the best developers and data experts, and solutions to transform companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and beyond.

A joint venture between two world leaders in their fields…

Saudi Aramco is the leading producer of the energy and chemicals that drive global commerce and enhance the daily lives of people around the globe by continuing to deliver an uninterrupted supply of energy to the world.

Cognite is a global industrial SaaS company that was established with one clear vision: to drive the full-scale digital transformation of asset-heavy industries with contextualized, trustworthy, and accessible data.

CNTXT is Google Cloud’s reseller in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Google Cloud is the trusted innovation partner to accelerate digital transformation. We help organizations across every industry to transform to become the best tech company in their industry. Customers continue to choose Google Cloud for three reasons:

On its own, any one of these things are helpful to our customers. Together, they are transformative.

Unlocking new opportunities for public and private sectors

Migrating to the cloud with CNTXT delivers:


Accelerate key business initiatives and competitive modernization through data-driven innovation.


Access applications anytime from anywhere.


Quickly, effortlessly and automatically respond to peak-demand spikes and drops.


Optimize and accelerate workflows, and open your business to limitless opportunities for innovation and growth.


Significantly reduce your risk of cyberattacks.

Cost reductions

Transition from a capital-intensive model to operational expenditure mode and enjoy significant savings.


Reduce downtime and lower your risk of future data loss.

The industrial future will be shaped by those who digitalize first and best

CNTXT is an exclusive reseller of Cognite Data Fusion™. in the MENA region. Cognite Data Fusion™ is a leading DataOps platform developed by Cognite that enables:

  • Digital twins
  • AI powered data contextualization
  • Industrial knowledge graphs
  • Robotics and automation

World-leading industrial companies are innovating faster, making smarter decisions, and scaling successes with Cognite Data Fusion™.

Realizing Saudi Vision 2030

The technology that CNTXT is providing puts us at the center of the massive transformation taking place in The Kingdom and the region. Enabling many of the Saudi Vision 2030 goals, CNTXT is:

  • driving the modernization and competitiveness of local enterprises
  • enhancing innovation, effectiveness, and efficiency in the private and public sectors
  • contributing to the development of an enhanced digital infrastructure
  • boosting skills development in the Kingdom through our training program

Accelerate your competitive advantage through digital transformation

Partner with CNTXT to build a limitless capacity for growth through data-driven insights

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The right talent at the right time

The team at CNTXT is truly international – digital, technology and business leaders from Saudi Arabia and Norway. Get to know the team that is building the most exciting technology company in the Kingdom. Read more..

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World-class cloud and digital transformation services

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