Beyond machines

Three steps to robotics success

  • 01

    Discovery & deployment

    Audit for robotics suitability and the business case.
    Send a robot on its first autonomous mission.

  • 02

    Robot data management

    Automatically upload robotics data to Google Cloud or Cognite Data Fusion. Data is instantly accessible to all data consumers.

  • 03

    Insights & analysis

    Apply AI and machine learning for deeper insights into the data to power your predictive maintenance.

The new standard for reliable operations

No more night shifts

Let robots handle inspection rounds and free up your team’s time for value-generating activities. Our robots are equipped to collect daily 360-degree scans of your assets and installations, keeping 3D models current and trustworthy for remote operations.

Keep experts out of harm’s way

For remote, high-risk or restricted sites, robots can be the eyes and ears for human operators, transmitting high-quality video with millisecond latency.

All your data in one place

With Cognite Data Fusion, robots can access sensor data, 3D model information, documents and asset hierarchies in one interface and allocate inspection data directly to the relevant asset. It’s a complete solution for robots to map and maintain the digital representation of the area they operate.

Operationalize artificial intelligence

Create and use machine learning models and pre-trained AI models from Cognite Data Fusion and Google Cloud for deeper insights. Robots can act on AI intelligence to make decisions like humans, massively enhancing their capabilities.

Complete any mission

Use resident robots with docking stations and pre-programmed missions to read gauges that are scattered across larger areas. Use them to safely monitor gas measurements and raise the alarm as abnormalities are detected. Robots offer a flexible solution to cover all environments and inspection needs.


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Google Cloud Solutions

Not all clouds are the same. Google Cloud solutions are powerful, truly secure and fully featured for all enterprises. Trusted by the world’s most critical companies, Google Cloud has everything you need to build and scale your digital transformation.

Cognite Data Fusion

Liberate your industrial data from silos and make it accessible all in one place. Cognite Data Fusion syncs relevant data in the cloud and turns it into real-time, decision-ready insights to reduce costs, unlock opportunities and improve operational performance.


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