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Whether you’re migrating or are already in the cloud, CNTXT will help your organization grow and scale your offering, delivering digital products and services faster and more reliably.

Our partnership with Google Cloud means we can offer our clients everything they need to innovate and fully benefit from hyperscale cloud technology, without compromising privacy and security.

As a result, Saudi private and public sector enterprises can now enjoy cloud services that are:

hosted in the Kingdom

supported by customer service based in Saudi Arabia

managed on a sustainably developed infrastructure

It is essential that companies not only have secure infrastructure to protect enterprise data, but also the tools that enable them to make the best use of it. Bringing Google Cloud to Saudi Arabia will deliver significant benefits, both now and in the future.

Ahmad Al Sa’adi, Aramco Senior Vice President of Technical Services

Build apps faster, make smarter business decisions, and connect people anywhere

The demand for cloud services in Saudi Arabia is forecasted to reach a market opportunity of up to $10 billion by 2030. The rollout of Google Cloud services and infrastructure in Saudi Arabia will deliver robust, reliable and agile solutions to meet growing demand for IT and cloud services. The cloud services that CNTXT offers include:

Infrastructure modernization

Bring your infrastructure to the modern era. We help businesses achieve the following business goals: of Cost Savings, Security, Flexibility, Mobility, and enhanced Disaster Recovery capabilities using Google Cloud.

  • Innovation security
  • Flexibility
  • Mobility
  • Enhanced disaster recovery capabilities
  • Cost savings
  • Scalability, minimizing operations overhead

Data management & analytics

Top tier Data management and Smart Analytics platforms enabling business digital transformation efforts, offering fully managed and scalable solutions that are serverless with little to no IT infrastructure complexity for businesses covering all stages, including:

  • Data collection
  • Storage
  • Processing
  • Visualization with built-in security and protection
  • Data augmentation, next generation data management platforms providing high-value insights to your business, data architecture

Application modernization

Bringing ideas to a future-proof reality. Paving the way for more modern multi-cloud applications utilizing:

  • Google Cloud tailored set of proven DevOps practices
  • Open-source-based application platform and tools
  • CI/CD practices, microservices architecture, modernizing application development

Artificial intelligence

Start the innovation path today. Google Cloud AI tools and services can help you build, deploy and scale more effective AI models. You can easily add sight, language, conversation, and structured data into your application through pre-trained AI models.

Cloud training and consulting services

Grow your cloud knowledge and skills and transform your career and businesses with in-demand skills. Collaborate with our Cloud experts to build the solutions your business needs. Our technical expertise helps you unlock business value from the cloud, including and not restricted to:

  • Infrastructure
  • App modernization
  • Data management and analytics
  • AI
  • Security


Google Cloud’s trusted security model, world-scale infrastructure, and unique capability to innovate help keep your organization secure and compliant. We offer security products that help you meet your policy, regulatory, and business objectives. The rich set of controls and capabilities we offer is always expanding.

Empowering businesses through Google Cloud API management platform to adapt fast by catalyzing digital initiatives in order to run faster and more efficiently, as well as create new business opportunities. To help accelerate the pace of digital business, Apigee API Management provides:

  • Across-cloud API management platform
  • Hybrid and multi-cloud environments, even with an on-premises runtime deployment

Modernizing existing applications running on virtual machines while deploying cloud-native applications in containers within an environment that increasingly employs hybrid cloud and multi-cloud technology. Anthos is the modern platform for application management in today's hybrid and multi-cloud world. Even with on-premises installation, it allows you to build, deploy and manage applications anywhere in a secure and consistent manner.

Build a limitless capacity for growth

Our world-class cloud and domain experts, software developers and digital strategy specialists are about to transform companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and beyond.

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Find out more about cloud migration

The priority to move into the cloud and achieve a zero data center footprint is becoming top of mind for many CIOs. One of the most fundamental changes required to accelerate a move to the cloud is the adoption of a product mindset—the shift from an emphasis on project to product.

To find out more, Google’s Accelerating the Journey to the cloud with a Product Mindset is available for download free of charge.


Cloud-driven digital transformation

At CNTXT, we develop, distribute and deploy end-to-end digital solutions. These include cloud-driven digital transformation solutions for Public and Private Sectors and industrial digital transformation solutions asset-heavy industries including: Oil And Gas, Power & Utilities and Manufacturing.

CNTXT: digital force multiplier to help you accelerate your business

Partner with CNTXT and gain exclusive in-Kingdom access to Google Cloud’s hyperscale cloud platform, Cognite’s world-leading DataOps, and a team of some of the best cloud engineers, industrial digital transformation experts and software developers. Learn more.

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