Unlock digital transformation by leveraging AI, data analytics and Google Cloud

Discover what our end-to-end digital solutions, high-performance cloud computing and industrial DataOps platform can do for your enterprise.

Google Cloud Services

Meet your business challenges head on with managed cloud computing services from Google Cloud, including data management, hybrid and multi-cloud, with AI and machine learning.

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Digital Transformation

Collaborate with CNTXT to create an execution focused digital transformation strategy, orchestrate the execution of digital programs and deliver high-value use-case solutions.

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Industrial Data Management

Put your industrial data to use by leveraging Cognite Data Fusion, the world-leading DataOps Platform industrial data management software and applications.

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Partner with CNTXT for end-to-end advanced digital transformation technologies, the leading industrial data analytics and high-performance, low-latency Google Cloud services.

Innovate, scale and future-proof your enterprise for competitive advantage.

Learn more about the services we offer for holistic data management, analysis and industrial application.

Optimization of workflows and yield

Reduced risk of cyberattacks & data loss

Access to global-leading industrialDataOps

Reduced environmental impact

Find out how we can help you accelerate your business.

CNTXT is a digital force multiplier with a team of world-class cloud experts, software developers and digitalization specialists.

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Google Cloud Services

CNTXT is Google Cloud's reseller in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Give your enterprise the benefit of hyperscale cloud

Everything you need to benefit from the most secure cloud built.

  • CNTXT provides all Google’s Cloud services from our data center operated in the Kingdom,
  • Securely deliver services to users with speed and reliability—all on Google Cloud's infrastructure.
  • Easily capture, manage, process, and visualize data with Google Cloud data analytics products.
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Future-proof infrastructure

Powerful data and analytics

Serverless: just code

Download our guide to cloud and industrial software technologies

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Digital Transformation Services

Accelerate your digital journey with our holistic approach to digital transformation

Embark on cloud enabled digitalization

We will accelerate your digital journey with our holistic approach to digital transformation. With CNTXT you will be able to:

  • Gain ability to innovate faster at scale
  • Increase your agility and flexibility
  • Reduce cost and ease increasing resource demands
  • Unlock never seen innovation in your organization
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Digital strategy

Program management

Solution development

Industrial Data Management

Unleash the potential of IT, OT, ET, and visual data

Unlock the value of your industrial data

Cognite Data Fusion™ contextualizes industrial data at scale in real-time, enabling companies to:

  • Make raw data from different OT, IT and ET sources for analytics
  • Build a digital representation of industrial reality.
  • Enable machine learning and AI at scale
  • Deploy solutions fast and at scale
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Contextualize your data

Break down data silos

Scale use cases and applications

Improve production

Increase safety and workforce digitalization

As Google Cloud's reseller in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Cognite Data Fusion partner to Cognite, CNTXT works alongside companies in the region to future-proof IT structures, optimize business processes and deploy digital strategies.

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