Leverage end-to-end cloud and digital transformation technologies to maximize your enterprise’s competitive advantage.

CNTXT is your digital transformation partner in the MENA region. Through cloud and best-in-class digital solutions, we will have advance efficiency, profitability and sustainability of your business. As a digital force multiplier to help you accelerate your business, we offer:

Google Cloud's reseller in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Innovation and scalability

Security and reliability

Availability and flexibility

Significant savings

Unlock untapped value and your competitive advantage

Partner with CNTXT to build a limitless capacity for growth through data-driven insights.

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Why choose CNTXT?

By utilizing leading Google Cloud solutions, industrial software and digital know-how, CNTXT can help you future-proof your data infrastructure, enabling you to contextualize your data so it's ready for numerous AI applications and to capture the insights you need. Because cleverly analyzed, that data holds the secrets to increasing revenues, cutting costs, reducing risk, and improving the sustainability and security of your business.

Supercharging innovation at scale

At CNTXT we develop, distribute and deploy end-to-end advanced digital solutions. Our solutions meet the rapidly expanding demand for innovation via cloud services from asset-heavy industries including energy, power and utilities, manufacturing and shipping, to other companies and the public sector.

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Partner with us to access innovation enabled by leading Google Cloud solutions

Scale your business with the world-leading industrial DataOps platform

Enjoy support from some of the best cloud engineers and digital transformation experts

World-class cloud and digital transformation services

Learn more about the services we offer for holistic data management, analysis and industrial application.

Google Cloud Services

Move to the cloud. Get exclusive in-Kingdom access to more than 150 Google Cloud services including AI for every level of expertise, machine learning, and dev tools.

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Digital Transformation

Get inspired by our digital transformation experts who can advise you on the right cloud and industrial digitalization strategies to give your business a competitive edge.

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Industrial Data Management And Operations

Put your industrial data to use by leveraging world-leading industrial software and applications for improved production, increased safety and sustainability and workforce digitalization.

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The future belongs to the companies that are data-driven.

It’s not how much data you have but how you make use of it that will drive your competitive edge and offer limitless potential. Solutions offered by CNTXT

AI-powered data contextualization

Industrial knowledge graphs

Regularly updated hyperscale cloud technology

Digital twins

Robotics and automation

In-Kingdom hosting and customer service

68% of Saudi-based CEOs say they have an aggressive digital investment strategy intended to secure first-mover or fast-follower status.

KPMG CEO Outlook, 2021

Don't give your competitors an advantage

Leverage cloud services for full-scale digital transformation with CNTXT. We are here to help all enterprises deploy industrial software for commercial success through digital transformation.

Private Sector

Public Sector