RIYADH, Saudi Arabia – January 23, 2024

Yanbu refinery has collaborated with CNTXT in implementing AI tools that secured the refinery’s spot at the prestigious World Economic Forum (“WEF”) Global Lighthouse Network. This achievement underscores Yanbu’s leadership’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and operational prowess.

The Winning Formula

Yanbu Refinery’s success stems from visionary leadership and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Refinery’s leadership is committed to integrating cutting-edge technologies that have enhanced operational efficiency and sustainability, setting industry benchmarks. Only manufacturing facilities that can demonstrate the successful adoption of Fourth Industrial Revolution (“4IR”) technologies at scale are considered for inclusion in the Network.

Yanbu’s team has presented to the WEF Global Lighthouse Program committee the implementation of use cases that provide insights into production data by use of AI and robotics capabilities. The use cases that were developed with CNTXT support enable Yanbu’s team to make better business decisions for carbon sustainability. Yanbu’s inclusion into the prestigious WEF Network is a testament to adopting best practices in environmental stewardship. The refinery has significantly reduced its carbon footprint, showcasing a harmonious blend of growth and environmental responsibility.

CNTXT Collaboration – A Game-Changer

The collaboration with CNTXT has been pivotal, providing Yanbu with advanced AI tools and expertise. CNTXT has collaborated with Yanbu’s team on the implementation of the AI-based legged robotic inspection, elevating operational efficiency and safety. Aspiring to lead in AI-driven predictive analytics, Yanbu is leveraging data acquired from robots for enhanced decision-making and operational agility.

2024’s Tech Roadmap and Vision

Looking ahead, Yanbu Refinery envisions a future driven by AI. The goal is to harness AI to establish a smart refinery model, optimizing operations from production to maintenance while upholding the highest safety standards. 

Yanbu Refinery’s recognition by WEF is a testament to its commitment to innovation and sustainability. With visionary leadership, a dedicated workforce, and strategic AI initiatives, Yanbu is not just an industry leader; it’s a beacon illuminating the path toward a sustainable energy future.