With CNTXT, SAJCO has deployed the Boston Dynamics Spot robot at King Salman Energy Park’s (SPARK) Dry Port for remote operations and 3D scanning. From the Project Control Center (PCC), SAJCO can now monitor the construction site and look for any safety violations while tracking the progress of the construction work. 

“The Project Control Center serves as the nerve center for our project operations, equipped to monitor real-time data and provide insights into various aspects of site activity. The Boston Dynamics Spot robot has proven to be a game-changer, autonomously detecting safety violations and conducting scans for progress monitoring. – Talal A. Alquaiey, Project Technology Manager at SAJCO.”

Founded in 1965, Shibh Al Jazira Contracting Company (SAJCO) is one of the leading construction companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Since its establishment, SAJCO has accumulated extensive experience in different fields of construction and maintenance and is committed to supporting Vision 2030.

King Salman Energy Park, known as SPARK, is a national mega project in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia that aims to localize the energy value chain and connect the world to opportunities in the Saudi energy sector and beyond. Developed, operated, and managed by Saudi Aramco, SAJCO is contracted for the construction of the state-of-the-art Logistics Zone, which includes the region’s largest dedicated private dry port. Once completed, SPARK’s Logistics Zone will offer a high level of automation and have an annual capacity of 10 million metric tons of cargo. Like other seaport services, the dry port will provide inland inter-modal services (directly connected by road and the future GCC railroad) – operating as a center for cargo shipment within or outside the Kingdom.

As part of SAJCO’s digital transformation strategy, the Boston Dynamics Spot robot has been deployed to provide the Project Control Center with a mobile device that oversees the construction site. Operators at the control center can remotely control the robot to monitor construction progress and automatically detect safety violations through AI models developed for SAJCO. This approach allows operators to gain a more detailed perspective of the site compared to the limitations of the current surveillance camera solution, enabling them to inspect challenging or inaccessible areas in constant change more effectively.

Furthermore, the robot is equipped with a 3D scanner to conduct regular scans of the construction site. The data collected by the robot is utilized to generate and maintain the digital representation of the area to monitor the construction site’s progress continuously.

“Our collaboration with CNTXT in deploying robotics technology has proven exceptionally fruitful. The expertise and support provided by CNTXT have been crucial in seamlessly integrating these advanced robotic solutions into our workflow. This partnership has not only streamlined our operations but has also positioned us at the forefront of technological innovation in construction.” – Talal A. Alquaiey, Project Technology Manager at SAJCO.”

As part of SAJCO’s digital transformation strategy for the Project Control Center, they are adopting a suite of advanced technologies. These technologies encompass systems for robotics, vehicle tracking, drones for aerial inspection, augmented reality (AR) for extended reality, and artificial intelligence (AI) for safety compliance. Together, these technologies work synergistically to offer a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the dynamics at the SPARK’s Logistics Zone.

Moving forward, SAJCO plans to implement digital twin technology, a common platform for all these technologies. This platform will contextualize data, providing valuable insights and supporting informed decision-making processes. Additionally, adopting digital twin technology will empower the project management team to more effectively track progress on the construction site.

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